Why You Should Apply For Singapore PR

Are you an expat working in Singapore for a sizable amount of time? If so, then perhaps you can consider applying for Singapore permeant residence. As a Singapore PR, there are numerous advantages that you are set up to obtain, including that of:

  • No visa limitations
  • Enhanced work opportunities
  • Starting a local business
  • Improved property alternatives
  • Preference for registering your children in public schools

In this article, we will be looking into the details of each of these benefits. In particular, we will be comparing the conveniences that you get to enjoy as a PR as compared to as a non-resident. If these benefits excite you, then it may be time to look into the Singapore PR application process.

Being Free from Visa Restrictions

First of all, if your work pass lapses while you are overseas, you will not be authorized to return to Singapore using the lapsed work pass. Second of all, if you have resigned from your work yet have yet to discover a new one, then upon re-entering, you will merely be offered 1 month to find a new job.

By obtaining PR standing, you would be entitled to unrestricted stay in Singapore for 5 years. This suggests having the ability to return to the country and leave at any time within the 5 years of your PR validity period.

More Job Opportunities

All business in Singapore have an allocation that limits the hiring of foreigners. At any one-time, they are only permitted to hire up to a specified number of foreigners under the various job passes.

As a Singapore PR, you would not count as part of the international employee allocation. This quickly enhances the number of work opportunities as the artificial limitation on your employability has been raised.

Start Your Own Company

A 3rd advantage accorded to Singapore PRs is the option of starting your very own business. As part of a highly entrepreneur friendly environment, you would be able to make use of Singapore’s many research and development programs, substantial government grants and great geographical area.

More Housing Options

Singapore PRs are qualified to acquire resale HDB flats from existing homeowners under the public scheme or non-citizen partner scheme. The only requirement being that you would require to be a PR holder of a minimum of 3 years at the time of purchase.

Education Priority

When admitting students, Singapore public schools give consideration to firstly residents, after that PRs and lastly to non-residents. This means that as a non-resident, possibilities are that your child would not be registered in a school of your preferred option. It should additionally be kept in mind that unlike prs or citizens, non-residents are not able to specify their preferences of public schools throughout the enrolment activity.

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